GasTOPS is dedicated to providing technical solutions for machinery condition assessment through the application of advanced fluid measurement and analysis technologies. GasTOPS designs, manufactures and supports advanced machinery fluid sensing and analysis products including full-flow oil debris sensors and at-line oil analysis systems. The company also provides a range of specialized technical and engineering services to assist in the design, development and in-service support of machinery control, monitoring and maintenance systems. GasTOPS’ innovative fluid sensing and analysis systems and specialized technical services helps customers in Defense, Aviation, Marine, Energy and Transportation industries achieve improved productivity and safety for critical equipment.

Featured Technology

Oil Debris Analysis at point of use

ChipCHECK is a rugged field deployable maintenance decision support tool to analyze chip detector debris and provide the maintainer with quick, reliable and conclusive health information.

  • Automated debris analysis at point of use
  • Operated by maintainer
  • Reports Go/No serviceability
  • Eliminates no-fault found removals/repairs
  • Compact and deployable
  • Recently validated and selected by USAF for Analytical Chip Debris Classification (ACDC)
  • MetalSCAN is the leading sensor product available today for on-line detection and quantification of metallic debris in lubricating oil systems.
  • An advanced technology sensor designed to detect the onset and monitor the progression of bearing and gear damage
  • Full flow, integrated within the lube system before the filter
  • Detects both ferrous & non-ferrous metallic particles
    • Provides data on particle size/mass, type (Fe/Nfe), total accumulation and rate.
    • Now standard equipment on GE LM2500
    • Proven, mature technology. Over 20,000 installations
    • Originally designed for F22 and selected for F35 oil debris monitoring

FilterCHECK is a unique product that automates filter debris analysis by backwashing lube oil filters, quantifying the amount of debris in the filter and determining the metallurgy of this debris using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence technology.

  • Provides immediate reliable qualitative/ quantitative reports of damage severity, wear source and remaining useful life
  • Substantiates on-line alerts and reduces unnecessary component removals
  • Fully automated process ensuring repeatability…results in minutes, on-site
  • Rugged and approved for shipboard use
  • Selected by NAVAIR for monitoring of J52 engine

Carol Joiner