FormAlloy Technologies, Inc.

FormAlloy’s innovative metal additive manufacturing systems enable rapid, high-quality repair, cladding, and 3D printing of metallic components. FormAlloy’s Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process is efficient and fast, with the ability to deposit up to 15lbs/hour, and enables rapid manufacturing of fully-dense parts with a single material or multiple materials in a single build. The systems can print with the widest range of materials from steels, magnetics and super alloys to copper alloys and titanium. With a compact footprint and durable components, the system can be deployed for use in austere environments and is scalable with build volumes from 200mm up to 1m or greater.

Featured Technology

Build, Repair, and Enhance Parts On-Demand

FormAlloy’s Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is a technology being adopted to augment, and in some cases replace, traditional manufacturing methods for the remanufacturing, laser cladding, and 3D printing of metallic parts. FormAlloy’s systems utilize metallic powder(s) contained in one or more hoppers which are blown through a deposition head and heated with a laser to produce a metallic bead. Employing a motion system, the metallic bead is laid down and then layered up to build a part or add material to an existing part. The technology can be used to build, enhance, and repair components in a wide range of metals or multiple metals in a single build. This results in components that last longer (corrosion resistant), are more cost effective, and are available on-demand.


Melanie Lang