Forcepoint was launched by Raytheon to bring defense grade cyber security to the commercial market. Drawn on a deep heritage of protecting the nations most targeted assets from our most determined adversaries, our portfolio includes fully accredited cross domain solutions, next generation firewall capabilities; insider threat/user activity monitoring tools, User and Entity Behavior Analytics, web and email protection, content protection/DLP, advanced malware protection, and CASB.

Our products are widely deployed in the USN and USMC supporting major organizations and initiatives such as MCIA, MARCENT, NAVWAR, PEO/EIS, PEO/C4I, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, Naval Shipyards, Shipboard Self Defense System, Common Submarine Radio Room, NGEN, ONE net, CANES, Battle Force Tactical Network, METOC and the STACC/MOC programs.

Featured Technology

Cyber Security

Forcepoint brings more than twenty years of expertise supporting the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by the people who protect national security. Intelligence communities, defense departments, and civilian agencies require rapid, accurate, and secure ways to support their data-driven missions.

Forcepoint’s human-centric cybersecurity portfolio brings together a broad set of capabilities that protect sensitive networks and data wherever they are accessed and reside. The system was purposely designed: each element is best in class and can stand alone or integrate within your existing environment to help solve critical security issues and protect employees, data, and IP. Core capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Cyber Security
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Dynamic Data Protection
  • Fully Accredited, Raise-the-Bar compliant Cross Domain Solutions
  • Network Defense Solutions
  • Firewall/IDS/VPN consolidation
  • Insider Threat/User Activity Monitoring
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Analytics
  • Data security – at rest; in transit; in the cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Web/email security

Rokhi Movaghari