FiberQA, LLC

FiberQA designs, manufactures, and supports robotic fiber optic inspection, integrated cleaning, and automated reporting systems. The family of products is called Automated Visual Inspection Tool (AVIT), with several sub-families designed for various requirements such as circular connectors, backplane inspection and cable and product OEM assembly. FiberQA’s innovative approach produces reliable and repeatable results that cuts labor costs, eliminates subjectivity and human error, and substantially reduces inspection time. The systems are designed to support the entire fiber optic eco-system from manufacturing to production and field sustainment. The AVIT software can be tailored to assess, analyze, and report results based on specific customer provided inspection parameters or using pre-defined industry criteria. Our customers include NAVAIR (PMA-290), Sandia National Labs, Honeywell, LM-Aero, LM-RMS, L3Harris Technologies, Raytheon, Mercury Systems, and many more.

Automated Fiber Endface Inspection and Cleaning

The Automated Visual Inspection Tool (AVIT) platform uses patented integrated inspection and cleaning hardware and software for the fully automated processing of complex connectors and parts. Typical manual tools available on the market require significant operator involvement to move tools to each fiber optics ferrule and often each fiber within a ferrule to acquire end face images or to perform cleaning. The operator must possess a high degree of skill to evaluate the images to determine if cleaning is required, and, ultimately, if the cleaned fibers meet Pass/Fail criteria. By automating the image acquisition at each ferrule/fiber location and processing the images to quantitatively assess Pass/Fail, the AVIT system more reliably and accurately assesses system status at substantially lower life cycle cost.

The AVIT systems have been successfully employed on the F-35 in OEM, aircraft assembly, cable manufacturing and depot level sustainment. It has also been successfully employed by DoE, a USAF Drone program, and was recently awarded a major contract by the Navy’s P-8A program for depot level sustainment.

Problem Statement:

  • Contamination causes 85% of optic network failures
  • Inspection and cleaning of fiber optic components is required anytime the connection is opened—regardless of reason
  • Manual tools are time consuming, prone to human error, lack archival documentation, and expose components to recontamination or damage
  • Space constraints for dense connectors in avionics and shipboard applications

Technology Solution Statement:

  • Automated Visual Inspection Tool (AVIT) – robotic fiber optic inspection tools with integrated cleaning and automated reporting.
  • High quality optics with automated processing for objective and repeatable pass/fail results based on IEC or user specific criteria using common software.
  • Contaminated termini automatically cleaned by integrated dry contact media in replaceable cartridge.

Benefits Statement:

  • Eliminates operator subjective judgment for more accurate results.
  • High throughput for fast turnaround time.
  • Reduces labor costs by:
    • Quicker inspection and cleaning (6x to 40x faster).
    • Eliminating need for highly skilled optical inspectors.
    • Drastically reducing training requirements.
  • Prevents damage to installed equipment.
  • Provides documented and reproducible results.



Doug Wilson