Fastorq / Snap-on

FASTORQ, based in New Caney, Texas, is the preferred global provider of precision bolt loading and removal solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of Snap-on Corporation since 2018, FASTORQ is a pioneer of the hydraulic tools industry and today designs, manufactures, and sells a revolutionary line of bolting solutions.

FASTORQ is the only company that has a complete line of hydraulic and pneumatic tools, as well as design resources to customize existing tools or create one-of-a-kind bolting solutions. The company also produces a proprietary line of specialty bolting lubricants. FASTORQ’s highly skilled team of engineers and bolting technicians deliver timely resolution to bolting challenges of all sizes on land or sea.

FASTORQ customers include a wide range of industrial applications: Subsea Construction and Intervention, Oil & Gas Services, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power Generation, Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration, Pipeline Construction & Maintenance, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Military, and Aerospace.

Featured Technology

Custom Engineered Solutions for Bolting Reliability

FASTORQ tools and technology includes robotic tools for subsea applications, SpinTORQ 360° continuous rotating low-profile torque wrenches, ZipTENSIONER stud tensioners and remotely operated bolt tensioning systems, AutoSPLITTER hydraulic nut splitters, ZipLIFT rigger-less crane grapples, AutoSPREADER flange spreaders, AutoPULLER hydraulic flange pullers, ZipNut robotic fasteners / latching mechanisms, AutoGRIPPER stud removal tools, ThinLINE hydraulic torque wrenches, impact sockets and striking wrenches, hydraulic power units (air, electric & manual), direct tension indicators, calibration systems and services, FastLUBE AG and other engineered thread lubricants, consulting and custom engineered solutions.

Mark Murphy