Fairmount Technologies, LLC

Fairmount Technologies (FT) builds novel CNC machines to solve industrial problems. As an advanced R&D and Manufacturing company, we have developed two novel CNC technologies for metal working. Our novel Stretch Forming and Machining technologies (SRF & XM) are directed at the Aerospace and Defense sectors but are useful in any industry where tooling and fixturing are burdensome because of low part volume. SRF & XM are focused on the rapid manufacturing of airframe components as spare for aircraft. We are actively manufacturing airframe parts won by competitive bid including qualification by SAR package.

Our goal is to insert our machines into DoD depots and FRCs to accelerate organic part production with the goal of shortened and reduced MICAP events.
We maintain an ISO9100:2015 & AS9100D Quality Management System for the Design and Manufacturing of Components and Assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense Sectors. We utilized our unique set of capabilities and technologies to produce parts for the commercial and defense sectors. FT is focused on providing manufacturing solutions to rapidly produce components to increase part availability and reduce both cost and lead time. With an experienced team of engineering and business personnel, and a set of proven technologies, FT is ready to provide rapid manufacturing solutions to industry.


Featured Technology

Tool-less SRF Forming and XM Machining

Stretch Roll Forming (XF/SRF) and XtruMach (XM) are tool-free CNC forming and machining processes, respectively. They were originally developed to manufacture one-off discrete parts for aircraft maintenance through DLA SBIR contracts.

XF+XM are analogous to wire-feed additive manufacturing. CNC programs convert a few types of straight extruded and rolled sections into a large variety of assembly ready components. However, since they are conventional processes beginning with wrought product, they do not need to be qualified like additive manufactured parts. They can produce parts for platforms during their initial production at industrial rates, as well as for one-off maintenance, all with negligible lead time, at reduced cost.

XF/SRF does not require tooling specific to each part and eliminates the cost, lead-time, springback compensation, qualification, setup, storage, and, maintenance associated with the tooling currently used in component manufacturing.
XtruMach (XM) uses the part itself as the reference and can trim, drill and thin both the cap and leg of structural components. FT is focused on providing solutions to rapidly manufacture airframe components to increase part availability and reduce both cost and lead time.
Both systems use digital part definitions for their part programs and record the parameters of the manufacturing process as data for Digital Thread file input.

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