Engitype is the West Coast’s first choice when it comes to 3D printer sales and service, providing revolutionary 3D printing integration since 1998. Engitype’s mission is to push the limits of additive technology, endorsing additive manufacturing workflows founded on the reliable hardware of Markforged and their other reselling partners. Markforged 3D printers connect a smart, digital 3D printing platform– the Digital Forge– to real life industrial parts within just a few clicks. Our clients work with us to use and optimize Markforged 3D printers to prototype and/or produce end-use parts in-house. These clients are typically companies in the automotive, manufacturing, digital technology, and aerospace industries. Our Markforged-certified technicians provide exceptional preventative maintenance to our clients’ hardware to ensure that their in-house production is never interrupted.


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Markforged 3D Printers


Markforged 3D printers and the Digital Forge provide an all-encompassing solution for rapid prototyping and in-house production of industrial strength parts. Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico used their X7 to print replacement parts for helmets that were often broken during combat training, costing hundreds to replace and required weeks of waiting for shipments of replacements to arrive. Instead, with their X7, they were able to print their replacement parts– and “just as strong as the commercial, off-the-shelf aluminum ones–” for just a fraction of the cost at $5 per print. With 3D printing, they were able to rapidly test the effectiveness of the printed part and begin in-house production, saving a huge amount of time and money.


‘- Outsourcing: outsourced production extends the duration of the manufacturing process.
– Speed: with typical manufacturing, you lack the ability to customize and iterate parts rapidly– sending designs to manufacturers,
– Poor Design Flexibility: tool access and other restrictions prevent design iterations from reaching their most detailed and accurate potential.
– Cost: excessive costs in the form of expensive and non-automated tooling.


‘- Move production in house with an all-in-one printer solution that can prototype and deliver end-use industrial parts.
– Print prototypes and reprint iterations within hours of each other.
– Use 3D modeling to design and iterate prints without restriction– Eiger will do the rest. Reprinting new iterations also comes at a much lower cost, saving both time and money.
– Additive removes the need for expensive tooling, and automates the prototyping and manufacturing process with its technology, reducing labor costs.


‘- Excellent variety of high-quality industrial materials, including flame resistance, chemical resistance, energy absorbance, all in high resolution
– All-in-one solution with the Digital Forge: go from model, to prototype, to reiteration, to end-use industrial parts within days.
– In-house solutions reduce labor costs, time constraints, and enhance design flexibility.

Laura Larzelere