Engineering USA

Engineering USA improves weapons systems and mission readiness using Industry 4.0 digital engineering and manufacturing. Our clients include NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NATO members, and Defense manufacturers. Our digital technologies enable these clients to dramatically improve engineering and manufacturing cycle times, costs, and quality.

Our Industry 4.0 digital technologies reduce manual work, eliminate quality problems, and provide data for effective decision making. Examples of these technologies include:

  • Design automation
  • Product simulation automation
  • Manufacturing process simulation
  • Warehouse process simulation
  • Manufacturing automation
  • AR-based inspection
  • IoT-based predictive maintenance

Featured Technology

Industry 4.0 Weapons System Readiness

The DOD needs to improve weapons system readiness. Industry 4.0 digital engineering and manufacturing can achieve this. Industry 4.0 technology reduces part design and qualification timelines up to 90%, manufacturing and inspection times 85%, and costs 20%. It also improves throughput 20%, and predicts asset maintenance.

Even though Industry 4.0 digital engineering and manufacturing exists today, it is largely underused. This causes unnecessary asset readiness delays, costs, and weapons systems failures. Ultimately it puts our nation’s security at risk, and our military personnel into harm’s way.

Engineering USA works with the DoD to deploy Industry 4.0 technology which dramatically improves readiness. We enable our DOD clients to improve cycle times, costs, and reliability. Recent projects include:

  1. NAVSEA: Deployed a simulation model to redesign shipyard and reduce repair time for submarine and aircraft carriers
  2. NAVAIR: Implemented digital manufacturing to improve repair and overhaul cycle times for fleet readiness
  3. NATO member: Deployed ship bridge IoT monitoring system to improve reliability, optimize maintenance, and reduce costs
  4. Defense Manufacturer: used Augmented Reality to reduce inspection time 85%
  5. Defense Manufacturer: Designed and validated parts 90% faster using engineering automation

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