EnergynTech, Inc.

EnergynTech has been developing advanced manufacturing technology for more than 20 years and has deployed systems into production of U.S. Navy ships. The first system was put into production at Ingalls Shipyard in 2005, a portable robot for straightening deckplate and removing weld distortion — Ingalls conducted a production test and documented a 5X increase in productivity. Since that first installation, EnergynTech has developed 7 new advanced manufacturing technologies and has 32 patents issued or pending. We have installed, and/or demonstrated, these technologies in U.S. shipyards or other shipyard like environments. In addition to several “off-the-shelf” new manufacturing technologies, EnergynTech has successfully completed several projects for the Navy and other heavy fabricators to develop specialized processes/equipment. The company has successfully completed SBIR projects for DOD and DOE, as well as large scale development projects of specialty processes and equipment.

Featured Technology

Induction and Induction Hybrid Welding, Cutting, Forming/bending, Coating for Metals

Induction coil (35 kW) in front of a welding system (arc or friction stir) or a cutting torch (Oxygen or Plasma) increases processing speed (3X+) and quality; Induction Thermal Forming to replace flame is much faster and more accurate to replace 2D or 3D curved metal parts; Induction curing of coatings (liquid or powder) improves quality and substantially increases the productivity. Fixed gantry automated motion systems also human guided mobile robot systems with Virtual Reality interface to increase the productivity and quality of production by existing skilled labor force. Real-time quality analysis and monitoring on all systems increases first time quality and provides a digital record of all production work.

Jerald E. Jones (“Jerry”)