Elevate Systems

Elevate Systems is a cutting-edge engineering design and technology company specializing in new design and reverse and re-engineering services leading to client owned and controlled technical data packages and the qualification of new sources of supply. From concept creation to product delivery, we bring together a very unique skill set to help our Federal clients maintain mission viability and assist our commercial clients by bringing their ideas from concept to reality.


Featured Technology

Engineering and Technology Services

Engineering design for obsolescence and sustainment in the creation of non-proprietary technical data and subsequent qualification of new sources.

Creation of Non Proprietary Data

We specialize in creating technical data where it does not exist, modernizing legacy data, 2D to 3D conversion of data and solid modeling and finite element analysis for engineering substantiation for our clients.  Although we are not a manufacturer, we develop the data that manufacturers need to manufacture assets we have designed and provided rapid prototyping to prove the designs prior to working with manufacturers for first article and build to print efforts.

We integrate additive manufacturing into our designs and have the ability to “print” prototypes in our lab in San Antonio, Texas.  Once the prototypes have been validated, we outsource the production printing to one of several sources that we have identified and used of the last several years.

Reverse Engineering and Technology Consulting

We specialize in Software Development, Cloud Infrastructure & Strategy, DevOps Implementation & Training, Systems Integration, and Workflow Automation. The Elevate Systems team is made up of tech industry veterans that have significant expertise with architecting simple solutions for complex problems on leading-edge cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. To create these solutions and integrations, Elevate Systems leverages a variety of software development and automation technologies.

The team is highly innovative, adaptable, and capable of working in a variety of environments, and has core competencies in *nix operating systems such as RHEL, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, Amazon Linux. Programming languages such as Ruby, Python, Swift, Javascript, Java, and C++. Virtualization/containerization technologies such as KVM, XenServer, HyperV, VMware, LXC, and Docker. Database/ETL technologies such as Postgres, MSSQL, MongoDB, and more. SDN/NFV and traditional Networking technologies such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, F5, Open vSwitch, VMware NSX, and OpenContrail. As well as other technologies like Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, Chef, OpenNMS, Grafana, Kibana, Git, and more.

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