Established in 1978, EFCO has been a world-leading manufacturer of portable and stationary valve repair and testing equipment. Wherever fittings, valves, and pumps are used, EFCO equipment is also needed to maintain, repair, and test sealing surfaces, shut-off bodies, and housings. We are a family-run business with the philosophy of making our customers our partners—working together to create machining and testing solutions. Customer experience from the extensive use of our machines continuously contributes to our product development.

EFCO equipment is used worldwide, certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, and is characterized by our quality, durability, easy handling, and superior results. Our technically advanced tool line gives anyone repairing or maintaining valves the edge to improve valve maintenance fast and efficiently, resulting in cost-effective work with machines that last.


Valve Repair & Testing Equipment

EFCO equipment maintains, repairs, and tests sealing surfaces, shut-off bodies, and housings. Our product range for in-shop and in-field service includes portable and stationary grinding and lapping equipment, flange facers, portable lathes, and test benches to improve valve maintenance quickly and efficiently, resulting in cost-effective work with machines that last.

EFCO’s grinding and lapping machines ensure flat sealing surfaces with precise finishing. They are easy to use, durable, and efficient. Our lathes and flange facers are designed for facing, boring, grooving, and taper and radius machining on flanges, sealing surfaces, bore walls, and more. EFCO’s testing technology for control and safety valves is known for its intuitive design and durable construction. These units are cost-effective with short delivery times in a wide range of customizable and standard testing equipment including small, portable test units for mobile applications.

Problem Statement:

  • Time and budget-consuming manual processes
  • Inconsistent results
  • Complicated, limited, or dangerous processes
  • Tool and testing reliability issues

Technology Solution Statement:

  • Stationary and portable equipment for valve repair and testing
  • Valve grinding and lapping equipment for gate, globe, control, safety, and ball valves
  • ID- and OD-mounted flange facers, with CNC options
  • Portable lathes with manual, automatic, and CNC options
  • Test benches for control and safety valves—body, seat leakage, and set pressure

Benefits Statement:

  • Easy to use, durable, and efficient
  • Versatile, easily customizable, and expandable
  • More effective use of systems
  • Consistent results


Whitney Simmons