DIT-MCO International

DIT-MCO is a world-wide leader in electrical interconnection testing systems. Our test systems are used for testing cables, harnesses, backplanes, wiring panels, aircraft LRUs and many other types of wired assemblies in military, space and commercial applications throughout the world. DIT-MCO testers detect faults in wire harnesses and control assemblies using high voltage/high current, providing the highest level of fault detection. Find open circuits, shorts, leakage between wires, faulty components and other faults. Our Handheld HT-128 wiring analyzer is a low-voltage solution that is used to check in-situ wiring for opens, shorts and mis-wires by placing small, handheld wireless units on each cable end of installed wiring, eliminating the need for long, cumbersome adapter cables.


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Wiring Test Systems

The handheld DIT-MCO HT-128 is a distributed cable test system that allows you to connect individual testers to each harness branch connector instead of using a single, centralized tester and multiple return adapter cables or loopback plugs. This approach allows you to use small, battery-powered testers that wirelessly link together to achieve the desired wire harness test coverage. The HT-128 performs continuity and resistance tests on each wire in the harness. Opens, shorts, crossed wires and high-resistances are reported within seconds. Test results for each harness can be saved for proof-of-testing documentation.

Fred Reynolds