DIT-MCO International

DIT-MCO testers detect faults in wire harnesses and control assemblies using high voltage/high current providing the highest level of fault detection. Find open circuits, shorts, leakage between wires, faulty components and other faults. The systems operate in a variety of environments from manufacturing to maintenance depots. DIT-MCO test systems are used extensively in the aerospace and military product industry and they set the standard for wire integrity testing.


Featured Technology

Wiring Test Systems

The DIT-MCO HT-128 is a portable, wireless cable test system that allows technicians to connect individual testers to each harness branch connector instead of using a single, centralized tester and multiple return adapter cables. This allows technicians with small, battery powered testers to achieve the desired wire harness test coverage. The HT-128 performs continuity and resistance tests on each wire in a harness. Opens, shorts, crossed wires and high-resistances are reported within seconds. Test results for each harness can be saved for proof-of-testing documentation.

Fred Reynolds