Discovery Democracy LLC

Magnetic Wave is a division of Discovery Democracy that makes and sells sensors for cutting costs and reducing time needed for ship repairs.

Magnetic Wave

We detect hidden corrosion, through PCMS tile, terrazzo, PRC and non-skid surface materials. We also locate hot work on the adjacent side to reduce excess strip-back, re-work and days lost to fires.

Problem Statement:

During scheduled maintenance, surfaces such as non-skid, terrazzo, PCMS, and bathroom tile are removed to detect corrosion. Our technology saves time and money by showing which surfaces need to be removed and which ones can be left in place. Our technology also pinpoints the location of hot work on the adjacent side to eliminate blind side fires due to mis-location.

Technology Solution Statement:

Our magnetic sensing system “makes the invisible visible,” by creating precise common reference points on both sides of bulkheads and decks, and by detecting hidden corrosion under surfaces up to 3″ thick.

Benefits Statement:

Our system saves cost and time by eliminating unneeded removal of surfaces during scheduled maintenance, while reducing cost and schedule of hot work by eliminating re-work, excess strip-back and lost days due to fires.


Dr. Eric Haseltine