Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Direct Dimensions, Inc. specializes in the application and sales of advanced 3D scanning and industrial dimensional measurement products for the solution of complex 3D problems. We provide solutions to a wide range of fields from design, engineering, and manufacturing to art, sculpture, and architecture. We specialize in the unique application of advanced 3D scanning and imaging systems and the conversion of raw ‘point-cloud’ data into high-resolution/high-accuracy 3D computer CAD models for subsequent downstream manufacturing, analysis, and visualization applications.

Manufacturing applications include the digital replication of industrial and engineered products including consumer, automobile, aerospace, and military components – otherwise known as “reverse engineering.” Other manufacturing related applications include the measurement of existing components for the digital comparison of actual parts, tools, and molds to the intended engineering design requirements – otherwise known as “computer-aided inspection” for quality control. Replication services applications include a wide variety of art, sculpture, medical, and historic preservation projects.

Technical service projects over nearly 25 years have included military and aerospace such as helicopters, airplanes, and submarines; consumer products such as power tools, jewelry, and sports equipment; medical devices such as facial prosthesis and splints; ground vehicles such as cars, trucks, school buses, and motorcycles; and various sculpture and architecture. Notable projects include the original Wright Brothers airplane propeller, the Liberty Bell, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, many military and commercial jets, a U.S. Army soldier’s nose surgery, and many notable art museum sculptures and large architecture projects.

Featured Technology

Portable 3D Scanners

Industry 4.0 is about leveraging digital data for advanced manufacturing. 3D scanning is about capturing objects and spaces in the real world to create 3D digital data for design, analysis, visualization, and manufacturing. With so much demand for digital design, analysis, and fabrication, and with so little of the physical world in digital form, 3D scanning enables engineers, designers, and fabricators to accurately blend reality into digital. How do you get your real-world objects and spaces accurately into 3D for subsequent design, analysis, visualization, or manufacturing?

For nearly 25 years, Direct Dimensions has provided advanced 3D scanning services and products for capturing physical objects and facilities into 3D digital formats for a variety of applications from aerospace, automotive, art and architecture to museum, military, medical and movies. We are located nearby in Owings Mills, MD. We have over 25 highly skilled and experienced technical staff. We represent, sell, train, and support a variety of 3D scanning solutions including Artec3D handheld and other COTS 3D scanners. We provide both services and products to support 3D digital needs.

Direct Dimensions has unparalleled skill and experience for “reverse engineering” complex legacy hardware into 3D CAD. We have performed 1000’s of projects. We own, use, support, and represent a wide range of 3D scanning equipment and software for virtually all types of scanning problems. We use the best equipment for the project and can therefore recommend the best solutions for your projects. We’ve worked with many DOD organizations for most of our 25-year history.

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