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Deloitte employs over 84,000 professionals across 115 US offices nationwide. These professionals work in sectors ranging from healthcare to financial and advisory services, and technologies ranging from application development to infrastructure, strategy, and architecture. There are more than 7,350 dedicated employees in Deloitte’s Government & Public Services (GPS) practice, which serves all 15 Cabinet-level Agencies, including all Armed Services and Agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD). The GPS practice utilizes the depth and knowledge of our commercial counterparts supporting the private industry and public sector to find the best solution to common and complex problems. Deloitte practitioners share a single focus: to serve and assist our clients in solving their toughest challenges. In addition to Deloitte’s dedicated presence in the US, Deloitte leverages our global commercial practice, which serves over 150 countries with over 5,000 practitioners dedicated to providing cloud and infrastructure expertise and best practices.

Featured Technology

Depot Diagnostic/Digital Reality/Enterprise Digital Tracking

Depot Diagnostic Framework
The framework develops comprehensive perspective of current manufacturing operations and uncover opportunities that enable a “Smart Depot”. It uses a questionnaire tool for a current state analysis of DoD depots. A Maturity Model outlines various levels of advancements to identify gaps with the desired operations state. Numerical results are compared to target in order to create a scalable strategy and roadmap for investment and continuous improvements. Resulting in a strategic roadmap based on data from the Factory Intel Dashboard.

Digital Reality
Deloitte’s Digital Reality solutions transform how governments use data, help raise employee performance, and more efficiently offer improved services. It includes capabilities in virtual reality – replacing a user’s physical environment; assisted reality – providing information to a user such as standardized tasks, documents, or media; and augmented reality – overlaying information onto a user’s field of view shaping the real environment perception. Our solutions introduce new capabilities to client operations, including guided tasks for workers, IoT capabilities, new audit trails, “See What I See” remote video stream functionality, and enhanced personnel training.

Enterprise Digital Tracking
Enterprise Digital Tracking exhibits how parts can be tracked in a Depot process. This demonstration consisted of using e-tags to track broken down equipment parts, allowing users to walk through a work order process while understanding what parts are in which progress via a dashboard. This dashboard provides metrics on performance of work orders to gain insight on depot efficiency and allows the user to move through a paperless work order.

Kevin Weisser