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DAES Group is a global equipment and solution source supporting aerospace OEMs, commercial airlines, military, and MROs since 1994. DAES drives value to our clients through consulting support, business operations management, technical assistance, quality control, training, facilities improvement, capital equipment, tools, component repair and after-sales services. When working with DOD partners, our focus is delivering maintenance technologies that contribute to improved and sustained mission capabilities of assets.


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Defense MRO Technologies – Automation and Corrosion Control

EPOLY advanced epoxy repairs for gearbox housings was named a 2021 CTMA Technology Competition finalist. This leading epoxy resin solution has over time proven to be an ideal solution for light alloy structural housing repair on commercial aviation applications. It offers a proven epoxy-based repair process that has been approved by leading regulatory bodies, major airlines, MRO operations, and engine and component OEMs.

What sets EPOLY apart from other epoxy-based repair processes is the patented chemical formulae and unique curing process. There have been several alternatives developed but none have stood the test of time and do not have a broad acceptance in the industry and via the regulatory community.

Until recently the manufacturer had not approached DOD with the EPOLY repair process, focusing primarily on business with the OEMs and commercial MRO sources. This approach has successfully transitioned EPOLY repairs widely to commercial aviation but has resulted in limited successful DOD applications on programs such as the PWA F135 gearbox cover and the GE T64 fuel control.

The bottom line is EPOLY is ready, proven, durable, cost-effective and in many cases, approved by the OEMs for use in repairing magnesium gearboxes. The DOD continues to slowly explore the use of additive processes to repair gearbox housings when a “camera-ready” solution exists that can be rapidly deployed to address a long-standing weapon system readiness and cost driver.

Alan Codlin