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The ECAD® test technology has been commercially available since 1986. The hardware and software form-factors have evolved over the years, but our commitment to quality and customer service has remained as our primary focus. We have sold our specialized systems and testing services to customers throughout the world. Over 90% of our clients own and operate nuclear power plants for power production, research, and other applications. We are, therefore, very comfortable with the demands and high expectations that this industry places on their suppliers.

Featured Technology

ECAD Wiring Inspection System and Tester

Electrical tests, like the ones performed by the ECAD System 2002, can provide valuable information about the condition of the dielectric material, the conductor(s) and shielding. Data such insulation resistance, capacitance, dissipation factor, and time domain reflectometry (TDR) provide valuable quantitative information about the conductor(s), the dielectric insulation, and the cable insulation.

Greg Allan