Blast-One International

BlastOne is a global provider of blasting and painting equipment and abrasives to the corrosion control industry. We specialize in making blasting faster, safer and cleaner. 

We are constantly innovating to find new ways of doing things, bringing new technology to the blasting industry and solving onsite constraints for our customers. 

If you have a blasting division that has room for improvement, BlastOne is your partner.

Featured Technology

Silenced Blast Nozzle

The new Snakebite nozzles from BlastOne reduce noise by 75% and reduce the kickback thrust and blaster fatigue by 45%. With SnakeBite your blasters will be able to blast for longer, and you will never receive a noise complaint again.

We took blast nozzle development back to first principles and completely reinvented the blast nozzle. This allowed us to silence the stream, and reduce the force on the blaster.

Trevor Gooden