BILT Incorporated

BILT Incorporated is the creator of the BILT app. The commercial best-in-class BILT app provides interactive 3D Intelligent Instructions® that are voice & text-guided. Beginning with a product overview, BILT includes tools required, parts included and clearly directs the procedure step by step. Tap. Zoom. Rotate. Empower your warfighters to get the job done correctly, quickly and safely. BILT is available around the clock and around the globe, whether at home or on deployment. If needed, protect your instructions with secure access keys. Once instructions are downloaded, no internet connection is necessary. Instructions can be updated in real-time and pushed immediately to connected devices.

Featured Technology

BILT app – 3D interactive Cloud Hosted Intelligent Instructions

BILT is a global SaaS mobile platform that can deliver an infinite amount of 3D interactive instructions directly to individual warfighters, maintainers and other Department of Defense (DOD) personnel in real time on various types of mobile devices around the world. BILT mobile 3D instructions increase readiness and safety by faster knowledge acquisition and sustainment training. BILT not only addresses the DOD’s digitization efforts, but also its green initiative to reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability efforts through the reduction of paper manuals. BILT is already under contract with the United States Air Force and United States Navy to begin planning to introduce BILT 3D interactive instructions to their personnel.

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