Bennit Inc.

At Bennit Inc. we are focused on reinventing how workers access the personal, industry and institutional knowledge needed to succeed at work everyday. We believe the greatest knowledge base in industry is interpersonal; it’s in the brains and experiences of the manufacturing workers as they interact daily with their peers and environments, both real and digital.

Bennit Inc. is a female-owned and managed business that was co-founded in 2016. Our mission is to fill the gap we see in the industrial IOT – the human component.

Our group has significant background experience from the factory floor and up – we have been the front-line worker, have experience selling and delivering solutions to this market based on traditional technology which gives us a deep understanding of the needs of customers and limitations of existing solutions.

Featured Technology

BennitAI, Augmented Intelligence for the Workforce

BennitAI removes friction; helping people do their jobs better, safer, and smarter!

BennitAI enables users to CAPTURE events, have OPEN COMMUNICATIONS, access to KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE SHARING all in real-time, we help streamline processes resulting in the reduction of errors.

BennitAI’s knowledge sharing and situational capture platform is specifically designed for industry. Immediate value is delivered by enabling collaboration between users, and through machine learning/analytics on non-traditional data sources such as voice, video, and location information to detect and inform users about key production impediments (e.g. capture of out-of-process situations resulting in quicker response times). Subsequently, BennitAI can layer across existing technologies to drastically simplify and improve access to more traditional information (e.g. equipment data), and to derive important patterns from the intersection of data types. Whether it is differences in human performance, machine inconsistencies, production flow, maintenance downtime, or safety issues, BennitAI helps industrial users make better decisions and improve business outcomes.

Katherine Cahalane