Aptima, Inc.

Aptima’s mission is to optimize the performance of humans operating in technology-intensive, mission critical settings including defense, intelligence, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and behave to the goal of advancing readiness. By combining measurement with learning data analytics and personalized adaptive training, our tools provide a successive cycle to measure, analyze, and improve human performance. The result is technologies to support the challenges that lie ahead – for individuals, teams, and the entire workforce.


Featured Technology

Confined Spaces Monitoring System

Aptima, Inc. is developing a Confined Space Monitoring System (CSMS) for Naval Shipyard operations that will enable real-time sensing and assessment of maintenance workers and their surrounding environments as they operate in confined spaces and other potentially hazardous areas. The CSMS will support prevention, detection, and intervention of health and safety hazards while greatly reducing the time, costs, and manpower required by current confined space monitoring practices.

John Feeney