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9D LADAR is the fastest, most accurate interferometry-based non-contact measurement system in the world. 9D LADAR provides micron-level resolution while eliminating issues associated with surface reflectivity, slow data acquisition, restrictive incident angles, and susceptibility to the production environment.

Problem Statement:

  • Slow scanning speed
  • Low accuracy and short range
  • Limited incident angle
  • Restrictive surface reflectivity and use of sprays

Technology Solution Statement:

API’s 9D LADAR uses patented optical frequency chirping interferometry technology to generate a wide spectrum for optical interference. This technology allows for fast scanning speed with high accuracy at a long distance regardless of surface reflectivity or incidence angle.

Benefits Statement:

  • Up to 25 meters of range
  • 25 micron + 6 micron per meter 3D accuracy
  • Up to 85 degrees incidence angle
  • 20,000 points per second
  • Non-contact measurement



Robert Murray