Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and Processes (AMMP)

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is proud to work with the Army Research Lab (ARL) and the Advanced Manufacturing Materials and Processes (AMMP) to advance and enable additive manufacturing to create next-generation manufacturing breakthroughs. AMMP will respond to requirements for affordable, complex parts that currently cannot be readily built.

Our focus is to enable the United States industrial base with:

  • Unprecedented speed in part production
  • Novel weapon system designs and materials
  • Dramatic cuts in cost and delivery times
  • Point-of-need part manufacturing

The AMMP Value

The AMMP Program allows government participants to engage with industry and academia to develop and prototype revolutionary technologies within six technology areas: Essential Science and Technology (EST-AMMP), Feedstocks for AM (FAM), Innovative Design Integrating AM Processes (iDIAMP), Process Visualization, Sensing, Probing, and Feedback toward Real-Time Additive Process Control (RTAPC), or Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology for Lethality/Protection (MMS&T-L/P).

AMMP Program Highlights

The AMMP Program takes advantage of NCMS’ long-standing experience and proven track record in bringing together industry and academia with government to develop solutions that meet current and emerging requirements. Government participants can interact with existing AMMP members, as well as recommend new members to be rapidly onboarded to the program.

Participants and members can also take advantage of the AMMP Technology Advisory Board (TAB) consisting of key collaborative thought leaders from member organizations and government working to develop strategic investment plans according to government priorities.

Funding sponsors have access to two distinct contracting vehicles providing flexibility in project implementation and scope at a variety of Technology/Manufacturing Readiness Levels (TRL/MRL). CA projects focus on the discovery, innovation, and maturation of materials and manufacturing science. OTA projects must result in a prototype, defined as a preliminary pilot, test, evaluation, demonstration, or agile development activity used to evaluate the technical or manufacturing feasibility or military utility of a particular technology.

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Cosima Boswell-Koller, Ph.D.
AMMP Program Operations Manager