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AMERICAN CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY INC. is the manufacturer of SILFLEX® Shielding, the industry’s most innovative and award-winning radiation shielding material. ACT Inc. has always been a materials-based company and has worked in many different industries. It was in 2005 that SILFLEX® was developed, and after 14 months of testing, SILFLEX® was certified by Entergy for use in the Nuclear Industry. Since receiving this certification in 2007, SILFLEX® has revolutionized the way the industry thinks about shielding. SILFLEX® is a light weight, non-toxic customizable shielding system that has enabled the shielding of the impossible, reducing dose and improving the safety issues with handling and installing shielding. Continuing its industry-leading innovation and investment in technology, SILFLEX® introduced the exclusive NEUTRON materials and products in 2008, rapidly becoming the leader in shielding the DRY FUEL STORAGE PROCESS. Additionally, SILFLEX® introduced its exclusive PREMIUM MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY (Patented), significantly reducing installation time and therefore reducing dose. The PREMIUM MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY was certified by EPRI and DUKE ENERGY after extensive seismic testing for installation without secondary attachment techniques. Additionally, SILFLEX® is rated as a low or exempt material for purposes of the new NFPA 805 fire procedures. No other non-toxic, light weight shielding has the pedigree of SILFLEX® and with over 750 tons used worldwide, no other competitive copy has the experience or proven results of SILFLEX®.

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