CyManII RFP-BP1 Submission Period Open for 3 Project Topics

The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) has announced an extension of the submission due date for RFP-BP1 project proposals involving three technical project topics:

  • 1 Baselining
  • 4 Coordinated Vulnerability Awareness
  • 5 TrustWorks-aaS

The new proposal due date is June 11, 2021, at 5 p.m. CDT. Complete descriptions for the three topic areas can be found in the full RFP, posted here:

Summaries of the general technical topic areas for which proposals are sought are listed below. Specific details on the technical topics requested in the RFP will be narrower in scope and more focused on specific technical outcomes than in the brief descriptions below.

2.1 Baselining (Cybersecure Energy Quantification—CEQ):
CyManII uses a collaborative approach to baseline priorities to ensure that they are rooted in industry performance metrics and form a quantitative basis to assess progress. Baselining project proposals must focus on designing, implementing, and demonstrating a generic framework for CEQ.

2.4 Coordinated Vulnerability Awareness (CVA):
CyManII will tailor the best-coordinated vulnerability disclosure practices for smart manufacturing and innovate the next generation CVA that includes responsible and impactful disclosure and new proactive discovery capabilities and processes. CVA project proposals must focus on identifying/defining, designing, implementing, and demonstrating CVA impact and value metrics and measurements.

2.5 TrustWorks-aaS:
TrustWorks will enable market transformation by ensuring that CyManII technical innovations are introduced to the workforce. TrustWorks project proposals must focus on defining, designing, implementing, and demonstrating dissemination processes for the adoption of CyManII tools, technologies, and methods by the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Complete descriptions for the three topic areas can be found in the full RFP, posted here: CyManII intends to make up to 6 awards, each between $50,000 – $250,000, subject to Department of Energy approval and availability of funds.


Any questions regarding this extension should be emailed to