CTMA Wraps 2018 with Record Growth

NCMS congratulates our Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities (CTMA) partners on the outstanding program performance in 2018.

CTMA celebrated its 20th anniversary and continued gaining strength by posting another stellar year. A significant increase in the number of new projects attests to the ongoing maintenance and sustainment needs within the DoD. CTMA is integral to the solution for maintaining legacy equipment beyond its expected lifecycle and for supporting weapon system availability and readiness. This mission continues to expand upon NCMS’ vast network of partners and capabilities to an all-time high for accelerating delivery of technology back into the maintainers’ and warfighters’ hands.

“I believe the steep increase in investment is a result of the realization that there is a critical need for weapon systems availability and in certain areas, that availability is falling far short of an acceptable level,” says Debbie Lilu, CTMA Program Director. “Word is spreading that the CTMA Program is the perfect vehicle for the government to test and evaluate technology before acquisition to ensure the benefits match the need.”

CTMA shows continued growth across the entire DoD enterprise.  It offers a wider range of government and industry collaborations to facilitate critical DoD projects. NCMS members such as PPG, Siemens, SurClean, Temple Allen, Wet Technologies Inc., and many others are providing technologically valuable commercially-available products to meet the needs of the DoD.  Government organizations, such as the Naval Supply Systems Command, Naval Facility Engineering Expeditionary Warfare Center, and the F-35 Joint Program Office, have benefited from the success of the CTMA Program.

The DoD looks to NCMS and the CTMA Program to provide demonstration, validation, and transition of such key technologies as additive manufacturing, condition-based maintenance +, corrosion prevention, inspection, and others. To support this, NCMS hosted two technology showcases in 2018 with 2700 attendees and over 100 specialized industry exhibitors. These NCMS Technology Showcases gave our industry partners the chance to demonstrate their innovative technology solutions on base while providing DoD personnel a hands-on opportunity to “try-it-before-they-buy-it.” These technologies can potentially fill military needs for immediate and long-term impacts. NCMS is hosting the first 2019 technology showcase at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, January 22-24 and with plans for several more throughout the year.

In addition to these technology showcases, NCMS’ network outreach for Sources Sought is engaging with the Department of Navy on its sweeping modernization plan encompassing all of their shipyards. This 20-year, $21B initiative will overhaul the shipyards to maximize efficiency and productivity.  Through the CTMA program, we are working with Navy leadership to locate an industry partner to create modeling and simulation to inform future energy, infrastructure, staffing, equipment, and processing needs. Additionally, CTMA already has projects with the Yokosuka Naval Shipyard, the Naval Research Enterprise, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, PEO SUB and others.

CTMA’s enterprise-wide DoD projects are observed by a cross-service audience. “The Secretary of Defense has made it clear that maintenance and sustainment issues of critical weapons systems is one of the highest priorities,” says Lilu. “I’m proud of the work that the CTMA Program has accomplished throughout the year and we will continue to provide answers to his call on enhancing warfighter readiness.”

NCMS and the entire CTMA team look forward to continuing the program’s mission with our industry and government partners for expanding next-generation technologies in support of warfighter readiness in 2019 and beyond.