CTMA Welcomes New Partner MERC

Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) is a non-profit applied research and engineering unit of Mercer University, a private university founded in 1833. In 1987, MERC was established under the Mercer University School of Engineering to provide locally available engineering and scientific services, and critical specialized technical skills.

MERC maintains a highly qualified professional staff, complex tools and test equipment, and technical disciplines for highly responsive and cost effective results. Weapon system sustainment includes structural and aerodynamic simulation, durability and damage tolerance analysis, airworthiness certification, fatigue testing, environmental qualification, component reverse engineering, and flight instrumentation.  Individual aircraft tracking, fleet integrity and reliability, and other weapon system sustainment repositories are managed by MERC.

Digital rapid manufacturing includes component scanning, modeling, 3D printing, CNC programming, and digital validation. Industrial process optimization includes bottleneck analysis and cycle time reduction, process automation, and robotics. Rehabilitation and ergonomic science includes injury rehabilitation, biomechanics and ergonomic analysis, and redesign of the workplace to reduce on-the-job injuries.  In addition, combat systems engineering and advanced algorithm development are core MERC Electronic Warfare capabilities.   Finally, MERC is a CMMI Level 3 appraised organization.

MERC’s new partnership with NCMS’ Commercial Technology for Maintenance Activity (CTMA) program will continue to grow their varied list of government, DoD, and private sector customers. MERC is currently involved with technology exchange among partners and projects within additive manufacturing, laser shot peening, advanced wiring test, nondestructive inspection, reverse engineering, de-painting, and component repair technologies.