CTMA Project Opportunity- NCMS Lightweight Structure Fabrication Using Deformation Resistance Welding

Current DoD Participants: Marine Corps Maintenance Center, Albany; Marine Corps Maintenance Center, Barstow; Army Project Manager, Light Tactical Vehicles; Marine Corps Program Executive Officer, Land Systems

The DoD is facing severe challenges in their tactical ground combat equipment to provide added ballistic protection and survivability to the warfighters, but the added weight increases rollover events, and decreases vehicle performance such as fuel economy, speed, and acceleration.  In addition, vehicle suspension and engine wear are further taxed by the added weight.

This project will work with the PM-Tactical Vehicles to identify weight savings opportunities on the HMMWV applicable to currently fielded vehicles.  The project will:

  1. Design an appropriate solution retrofit structure applicable to the deformation resistance welding (DRW) method for the HMMWV.
  2. Fabricate the retrofit DRW subcomponent/frame.
  3. Mount the subcomponent/frame onto the platform.
  4. Validate the performance of the retrofitted platform.
  5. Assess the technology as a repair manufacturing method for other systems such as pipe repair on ships.