CTMA Project Opportunity- Chemical Composition Cleaner for Contaminated Components: “C5 Unit”

Current decontamination methods used by maintenance personnel result in exposure to dangerous chemicals and pose disposal problems.

We propose to develop and prototype a state-of-the-art automated cleaning system for weapons components, with applicability to aviation, transportation and other industry applications.  Using surface chemistry modeling methods and analysis of existing component substrates, and considering specific contaminants of each component, HPC computer modeling will pre-determine the chemical agents required to affect optimum cleaning with minimal waste generation.  The prototype cleaning system will be capable of mixing the precisely determined chemical solutions designed to break down the specific hazardous substances on contaminated, reusable components.  What we call the “C5” Unit (Chemical Composition Cleaner for Contaminated Components) will employ techniques such as high voltage ionization, phased plasma and/or ultrasonic principles, coupled with applicators, attachments, or enclosures designed specific to user needs. 

A prototype portable, on-site hazardous waste treatment system will be developed; utilizing the onboard chemical elements and/or heat, this unit will completely neutralize or effectively reduce known byproducts generated by the cleaning phase.  (The vehicle may vary dependent on specific industry/component requirements). This will further reduce personnel exposure (for example, in the case of torpedo cleaning, by eliminating the requirement for worker-staffed deep sinks and manual hazmat-grit removal) and waste generation. 

We will test the prototype and analyze by-product levels to meet EPA safe levels.

This project currently seeks commercial and Department of Defense participants with an interest in aerospace; heavy equipment/auto repair; military aircraft/ship/mechanized overhaul and weapon turn-around facilities.

This Opportunity has closed.