Call for Technology: On-Wing Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) of Jet Engine Fan Disk

An NCMS partner is looking for product solutions to fulfill a specific need.  This Call for Technology process allows industry, academia, and other organizations the opportunity to meet the requested need. If your organization has a capability or product that can fill the requested call for technology, please complete the following form and thoroughly explain your proposed solution.

All submissions will be reviewed and compiled for the NCMS team.  Primary contacts will be notified of the status of their submission following a decision.


Please submit your technology that can conduct on-wing NDI for sub-surface fatigue crack with minimal engine disassembly.


  • Cracks initiate inside the blade slot area
  • Physical access is limited
  • Borescope and Eddy Current inspections will not produce acceptable Probability of Detection
  • Ultrasonic inspection is most likely known method to produce acceptable results. Other inspection methods would be considered, if probability of detection can be established


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