Call for Technology: Industry Partners Needed


The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is partnering with a Federal Government Agency (FGA) who is seeking industry partners with solutions to mitigate threats to vehicles that could result from a magnetically attached device (MAD) with emphasis on the detachment of the MAD from the vehicle.

Magnetically attached devices present a variety of threats and hazards to U.S. persons operating around the world. The FGA is looking for technological solutions that prevent and/or deter the overt and covert attachment of MADs to commercial and utility vehicles.

FGA is now looking for new novel technologies/ideas that have a strong potential to solve the problem for detachment of a magnetic device once attached.  Approaches may include the loss of magnetic properties (adherence) to either the MAD and/or the vehicle through processes based in, but are not limited to, Electromagnetic, Nano/Microtechnology, Vibration, Thermal, etc.  New innovative technologies are encouraged.

Needs & Challenges:

    • The solution will be required to inhibit the attachment of MADs and/or act to detach MADs which have been attached to vehicles.
    • The vehicle has to continue to function as it was designed (e.g., carry passengers, cargo).
    • Although the long-term solution might involve vehicle design changes, the immediate need and subject of this Call for Technologies is for a post-production solution.
    • If a power source is required for the solution it would ideally be limited to what is commonly available in a production vehicle. If the power demands of the solution exceed that which is currently available, the solution should consider the ease of integration and should maintain the vehicle profile/envelope as close as possible to the production vehicle.
    • Any solution cannot involve flammable materials or compromise safety in any way.
    • It is assumed the MAD can range between 1 to 10 pounds and can be attached to any ferromagnetic material on a vehicle.
    • In most cases, a solution that maintains the appearance of the vehicle is preferable. On the other hand, a change in a vehicle’s outward appearance may be preferred since it could act as a deterrent. As a result, proposals that maintain and/or alter the appearance of the production vehicle will be considered.
    • There is a limited amount of time for the detachment of the MAD once it has been attached.

Please indicate your interest, proposed solution and background of your company to Debbie Lilu. Arrangements will be made to talk directly to FGA personnel to obtain further clarification on their needs. Following this, you will have the opportunity to provide a more formal reply with a technology solution that may satisfy FGA’s needs. Please provide your response no later than 3 August 2015.