Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) to host 2019 Remanufacturing Conference

ANAD will host a Remanufacturing Conference on November 19, 2019, to bring together suppliers of technical services/products which can improve ANAD’s role as a readiness provider and sustainer of combat power. This event will be by invitation only. Interested parties must submit a 2019 Industry Conference Interest Form to be considered. ANAD is a secure facility and all parties must be properly vetted through a background check prior to entrance.  

Potential guest speakers will include ANAD Commander and Deputy Commander, as well as representatives from Army Material Command, Army Contracting Command-Warren (ACC-Warren), TACOM, ANAD Production Engineering, and the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center. Key briefings will include ANAD capabilities, public-private partnering process, contracting/procurement actions, and areas of focused interest/process improvement. Tours will be provided to demonstrate ANAD’s capability and identify production/process improvement opportunities.  

Desired technologies and processes include: 

  • Surfacing and resurfacing of legacy parts 
  • New methods of manufacturing/remanufacturing technologies into the production operations of combat/tactical vehicles/weapons systems. Examples; cold spray, additive manufacturing for the remanufacturing of parts (not 3D printing) 
  • Replacements for hard chromium plating 
  • Replacements of hex chromium in plating/chemical cleaning processes 
  • Closed-loop chemical cleaning operations for the waste stream and air emissions 
  • Training/qualification/certification for new technologies 
  • State of the art inspection/scanning/measurement systems for parts and vehicle hulls 
  • Solution Engineering to remanufacturing 
  • New vs. remanufacturing solutions 
  • Improved tooling and programming on the production floor 
  • Automated work cells: 
  • Machining cell with multiple machines and material handling systems 
  • Robotic/automated blasting 
  • Robotic/automated painting 
  • Robotic/automated wash rack 
  • Robotic/automated welding 
  • Robotic/automated assembly 
  • Robotic/automated plating 
  • Robotic/automated chemical cleaning 
  • Automated measurement 


This event is free of charge; however, lunch and refreshments will be made available for a $20 fee. Deadline for submission is October 21,2019. Further contact information is included in the ANAD 2019 Remanufacturing Conference Interest Form linked below.