AM Workshop goes Virtual this Year

Additive manufacturing (AM) is sweeping through the DOD and disrupting how maintenance and sustainment get done. 

This model workshop is a followup to the Business Model Workshop held in 2019. The purpose is to address five foundational aspects of AM necessary for DODs wide adoption of the gamechanging capability. Attendees will be divided into teams consisting of Program Managers, Legal, Engineering, Logistics, Enterprise IT, Cybersecurity, Training, Administration, and Contracts.  

Government and industry participants are encouraged to attend in this convenient virtual forum.  

Topics to include: 

  • Addressing AM Cyber Challenges 
  • Standards and Data Dictionary and Common AM Database Experiment 
  • Workforce Development for AM 
  • AM Metrics—Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Performance 
  • AM Part Risk Categorization and Impact on Part Criticality 
  • AM TDP for Procurement in Sustainment 

Event dates: June 23-25, 2020. Don’t wait, register now at: