Advocates for New Technology Solutions—JTEG

Officially chartered in May 2012 by the Joint Group on Depot Maintenance, the purpose of the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) is to foster a community of maintainers interested in sustainment technology and better coordinate the introduction of new or improved technologies, processes, or equipment that promise substantial benefit to the DoD maintenance enterprise. Composed of representatives from the Military Services, DLA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the ODASD-MPP, JTEG is a strong proponent of new technology solutions with the potential to make military maintenance more effective and efficient. Acting as an advocacy group for all Services, JTEG compiles information on current needs and future technology insertion projects and initiatives that are useful throughout the depot maintenance enterprise. With an emphasis on sharing best practices, JTEG also oversees and manages the dissemination of information regarding available resources that can be leveraged by the community to produce affordable weapon system availability.

JTEG seeks ways to better leverage technology improvements in sustainment by collaborating and facilitating communication between DoD maintainers and industry partners. The JTEG community includes anyone in the DoD, industry, or academia interested in exchanging information associated with DoD maintenance.

Depending on the topic, JTEG events can attract up to 200 followers, all of whom have the opportunity to participate and ask questions to better understand future DoD needs, the state of current projects, and advances in maintenance innovations.
JTEG’s outreach and communications methods include:

  • Virtual technology forums, conducted on a monthly basis
  • Participation in maintenance technology competitions
  • Maintenance/logistics conferences such as the Annual CTMA Partners Meeting
  • The JTEG website at
  • The CTMA Connector
  • Joint Group on Depot Maintenance (JGDM) briefings

Recently, JTEG has grown its offerings to include subject matter experts as speakers, programming addressing technology focus areas, and networking contacts.

“JTEG serves as the hub of sustainment technology collaboration for DoD. As a result, the Services are working together as a cohesive community to innovate the way we sustain materiel readiness across the Department,” says Greg Kilchenstein, ODASD-MPP.

JTEG engaged in a range of activities last year, including:

  • Conducted virtual technology forums on cold spray and additive repair; reverse engineering, 3D scanning, and prototyping; troubleshooting intermittent and steady-state electronic faults; point of maintenance aids; big data analytics; improved business processes; non-destructive inspection; and automation and robotics
  • CTMA Technology Competition
  • DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC)
  • Promoted emerging technologies that met joint requirements