2020 Maintenance Innovation Challenge Accepting Submissions

As part of the DOD Maintenance Symposium, the Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC) is an important venue to present innovative technologies in front of a large cross-section of DoD decisionmakers. The National Defense Strategy contains an objective to establish an unmatched 21st century National Security Base that effectively supports operations and sustains security and solvency. The MIC, an integral part of the 2020 DOD Maintenance Symposium, aligns well with this strategy. 

The MIC aims to elevate and expand the call for maintenance innovation to include not only new technology, hardware, and software but also unique partnerships, resourcing strategies, business practices, or processes that promise to make maintenance more capable, agile, and affordable.  

Six finalists will be chosen prior to the event. One finalist will win the overall Technology Award and the audience will decide on a People’s Choice Award winner. 

Please submit abstracts that fall into the following categories: 

  • Process 
  • Techniques 
  • Testing validation 
  • Finance products methodology services 
  • Workflows 

Abstracts are encouraged from both government and industry. To read full competition details or to submit an abstract to the MIC visit competition.ncms.org. The submission deadline is Friday, October 2, 2020.