2016 CTMA Technology Challenge Award Winner Announced

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), the nation’s leader in collaborative technology development and the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance (OSD) recently announced the winner of the 2016 Commercial Technologies Maintenance Activities (CTMA) Technology Competition. Honeywell, Inc. won the award for the Voice Directed Maintenance and Inspections technology, submitted by Prakash Somasundaram. The award included $125,000 to the company and one year of project management by NCMS to manage the project through the technology demonstration phase. The competition was designed to drive focus on new and emerging technologies, introduce the next generation of maintenance innovation and enable improved readiness for the nation’s military services to the DoD maintenance facilities at reduced costs. Over 60+ highly innovative technologies were submitted by NCMS member companies and partners, were selected by members of the Joint Technology Exchange Group and are being considered for future integration into the DoD maintenance programs.

The award was announced at the NCMS hosted 2016 CTMA Annual Partners and Integrated Project Meeting, in Suffolk, VA at the Lockheed Martin Center for Innovation known as “The Lighthouse.” This year’s event, Streamlined Innovation, featured government and industry keynotes, tabletop technology exhibits and interactive maintenance-focus technology panels as well as multiple tracks on predictive analytics, electronic maintenance, model-based definition, expeditionary maintenance.

“Since 1998, CTMA has a proven track record of identifying maintenance technology gaps, building industry-DoD collaborative coalitions, executing streamlined technology demonstrations and facilitating technology transition where the ROI is commonly 5:1 or 10:1” stated Greg Kilchenstein, Director, Enterprise Maintenance Technology, OSD Maintenance Policy and Programs. “the CTMA Technology Competition was done to source innovative maintenance technology and provide funding to the proposal with the greatest opportunity to improve maintenance effectiveness and efficiency. We are working to develop a technology demonstration initiative with a Military Service partner on this winning capability as well as all of the game-changing maintenance technologies selected as finalists. This competition has set the stage for a very busy and productive year for the CTMA program.”

NCMS works directly with the DoD on a variety of programs, including the CTMA, the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) and National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) as well as other federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation and Department of Energy.

“For 30 years, NCMS has been a leader in working with world class manufacturers and technology providers to bring commercial technology innovations to our DoD partners. The benefits of our collaboration is that new technology is inserted faster, at less cost and reduced risk to all participants. By leveraging the resources and infrastructure of the NCMS network of 400+ partners and combining their infrastructure with the DoD depots and maintenance providers, we arrive at innovative solutions that increase the viability of the military and improve the competitive standing of the manufacturing base.” Says Rick Jarman, President and CEO of NCMS.

Driving technology innovation through collaborative development is at the heart of what NCMS does every day. Congratulations to Honeywell Inc. for its winning abstract, to the finalists and all companies submitting emerging and innovative technology solutions to the Challenge.


Honeywell Inc.

NSWC Philadelphia
Ridgetop Group, Inc.
Automated Precision, Inc.
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Xoran Technologies, LLC