Enhanced Environmental Performance for Safety Glass

NCMS Project #: 140804 Problem: Safety glass is ubiquitous and takes many forms, ranging from polycarbonate material to glass laminates, and even to aluminum oxynitride ceramic. Safety glass is used in many, many applications (including automotive glass) where some degree of protection from foreign object strike is needed. “Bullet proof” glass laminate safety glass protects [...]Read More »

Development of Vehicle Telematics and Condition-Based Maintenance Solutions for Fleet Sustainability

NCMS Project #: 140812 Problem: Large materiel sustainment enterprises are supported by large fleets of logistics vehicles. These large enterprises are continuously exploring new ways to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and impact on the environment. Since fuel consumption on these logistics vehicles is both a substantial cost and impact on the environment, best-in-class maintenance and [...]Read More »

Development of Operational Transition Procedures and Sustainment Analysis for Global Logistics Information Systems’ (GLIS) Supply and Maintenance Functions – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 140815 Problem: GCSS-MC has become the gateway to break the “business as usual” methodology and practice. Similar to industry having to deal with their competitiveness issues, the Marine Corps faces Force Structure restructuring and a global repositioning, all at reduced funding. This mandates full accountability and visibility of assets and equipment from [...]Read More »

Development of Alternative Fuel Solutions for Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicles – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 140725 Problem: Currently the nation has limited economically feasible options for alternative fuel vehicles and equipment directly from domestic original equipment manufacturers. There are, however, options available as aftermarket conversions that have proven to be very viable options. One such readily available alternative fuel is propane. The Department of Defense has volunteered [...]Read More »

Development for Operational Transition Procedures and Sustainment Analysis for Global Logistics Information Systems’ (GLIS) Supply and Maintenance Functions

NCMS Project #: 140727 Problem: Industry and DoD are both migrating away from stove-piped legacy logistics information systems in order to adequately perform their supply maintenance functions. As industry and DoD modernize the logistics information architecture, there is a clear gap that has arisen between user knowledge specific to their functional business processes and initial [...]Read More »

Centralized Fleet Automated Management Systems (CFAMS) – Red River Army Depot Assessment Project (RRAP)

NCMS Project #: 140449 Problem: The Department of Defense (DoD) owns, operates and maintains thousands of industrial fleet vehicles, performing a wide range of critical support tasks. Despite myriad of major service sponsored maintenance initiatives focused on improving maintenance automation and readiness for tactical vehicle fleets, aircraft vessels and combat vehicles, very little has changed [...]Read More »

AGT1500 Engines with Coated Compressor Blades Business Case Analysis

NCMS Project #: 140709 Problem: U.S. Military ground, air and sea operations worldwide adversely impact environmental security by consuming extraordinary amounts of fossil fuels, emitting large amounts of carbon emissions and requiring high manufacturing and maintenance rates and a large infrastructure to support operations. Benefit: Decreased fuel costs Decreased engine and spare part requirements Decreased [...]Read More »

Advanced Mobile Universal Electrical Tester (AMUET) for Aircraft Subsystems

NCMS Project #: 140726 Problem: Well over half of all maintenance actions performed on aircraft are the result of electrical systems anomalies. Based on the ever increasing complexity of these integrated systems, troubleshooting the root cause of these prevalent anomalies is extremely manpower intensive. The issues with checking aircraft electronics and wiring systems quickly, effectively [...]Read More »