Retail Supply Chain PAAS Integration Initiative

NCMS Project #: 140818 Problem: Private sector Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations as well as those developed specifically for the Department of Defense (DoD) have proven to be challenging at best in delivering a required Portfolio Solution in the replacement and modernization of industry and DoD business systems. This is all too prevalent within the [...]Read More »

Resource Synchronization Tool Evaluation

NCMS Project #: 140820 Problem: The commercial industry as well as DoD are migrating away from stove-piped legacy information applications in order to adequately perform readiness functions supporting a program. Enterprise systems require layered software approaches that are not designed around an open architecture capability. Current efforts are moving toward integrated global information architectures in [...]Read More »

Reducing Maintenance Costs Through Predictive Analysis

NCMS Project #: 140813 Problem: Controlling maintenance costs is a critical to commercial industry in order to secure and retain market share/competitive advantage. Reducing maintenance cost is also a critical mission for the Defense Department in today’s budget-constrained environment. The challenge, however, is finding ways to make maintenance more efficient and more effective simultaneously; controlling [...]Read More »

Product Lifecycle Management for Aircraft Sustainment and Support – Phase IIIB

NCMS Project #: 140819 Problem: Product development has become strategically crucial to the financial performance of manufacturing companies worldwide. Due to this fact, companies are investing more manpower and money into it. They understand problems and appreciate the solution Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) addresses and the benefits it can reap such as lower production costs, [...]Read More »

Product Lifecycle Management for Aircraft Sustainment and Support – Phase IIIA

NCMS Project #: 140729 Problem: Over the last 10 years, manufacturers in instrumentation, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, medical industry, nuclear industry, aviation industry, packaged goods and other complex engineered products have discovered the benefits of PLM solutions and are adopting PLM software and best practices in increasing numbers. However, the DoD has lagged behind industry [...]Read More »

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Enterprise Logistics Data Warehouse Review and Evaluation Proof of Concept

NCMS Project #: 140719 Problem: It is very costly for commercial industry (including the DoD) to maintain IT capabilities in order to manage their day-to-day business. Industry continues to look for ways to operate more efficiently in order to maintain their IT cost competitiveness. Many companies today are investigating the feasibility of outsourcing IT and […]

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Optimizing the Performance of the H-60 Integrated Mechanical Diagnostic System (IMDS) and T-700 Engine Electrical System

NCMS Project # 140805 Problem: The health of electrical systems are vital to the reliable operation for both commercial and military aircraft. Rotorcraft (rotary-wing aircraft) form a unique subset of air vehicles in that their propulsion system is used not only for propulsion, but also serves as the primary source of lift and maneuvering of [...]Read More »

Joint Maintenance Data Enterprise Interoperability – Phase II

NCMS Project #: 140806 Problem: Maintaining materiel readiness under the current and enduring fiscal environment requires maintenance organizations to leverage all available opportunities to reduce redundant or unnecessary costs and processes. Significant cost in terms of transport, sustainment, support and redeployment is incurred by the different stakeholders without consideration of the economies of scale possible [...]Read More »