While companies are experiencing a strong economy with significant growth, there is an ongoing struggle to add talented human capital and infrastructure to organizations. In recognition of these challenges and to address the needs of our members, the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is launching new services that will allow companies of all sizes the ability to address their specific “gap areas” without incurring the cost of adding head count and overhead.

Consortium Management Services

NCMS, as a Consortium Administrative Organization (CAO), has expertise and experience in assisting newly formed and existing consortia with managing complex multi-partner cross-industry collaborative R&D programs. Our financial systems are DCAA-compliant, are regularly audited, and have passed stringent examination. Our CAO team has experience with several contracting vehicles including, Other Transaction Agreements (OTA), Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and IDIQs. As the Consortium Management Firm (CMF), NCMS will help your consortium successfully fulfill its mission.

ID Services

NCMS is introducing a new offering, focused on the development and promotion of your products: ID Services.  This suite of services will help you design, test, validate, and market your products and services, giving you a trusted partner in your business’s success.

Workforce Development: Education & Training

NCMS has partnered with companies to provide both face-to-face and online education and training. These companies are leaders in their areas of expertise and can work directly with individual companies of any size and map business objectives to training objectives to receive the maximum benefit of their investment.

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Consortium Management ServicesID ServicesWorkforce Development

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