NCMS Member Referral Program

Between now and August 17, 2018, current NCMS member organizations can refer new members to join the NCMS network. They will receive a discount of 10% off the total amount of next year’s membership dues (up to $10,000) for each new member they refer that joins by August 17, 2018 for the 2019 membership year. As part of the referral program, new members will receive immediate, complimentary access to member benefits for the remainder of 2018, as part of their 2019 membership year.

NCMS is built on the value of collaboration and on the diverse range of expertise and capabilities its network of innovative, industry-leading members and partners possess. We understand that every day, our members work with quality suppliers, service firms, and solutions providers that would make strong additions to that network. This year, we’re reaching out to learn about the peers and partners your organization relies on because the organizations you count on are ones we would be excited to work with as well.

Upon submitting the referral form, an automated email will be sent to your specified contact at the organization you are inviting to join NCMS.  NCMS will track your referrals and ensure you are awarded a discount if they complete the enrollment process.

How It Works

Referrals can be made before August 17, after which new member organizations’ applications will be reviewed. Current members will be notified of the discounts they have received on October 3.

For every new organization they refer that joins at the Collaborative level or above, current Collaborative and Strategic-level members will receive a 10% discount on their total 2019 membership dues, up to a cumulative total of $10,000. At renewal, Community-level members can choose to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of a Collaborative-level membership and receive discounts for the organizations they refer. For more information about NCMS membership levels, see and

Referred companies join immediately upon completion of the membership process, with no dues for the remainder of 2018. They can take advantage of NCMS Cooperative and Other Transaction Agreements, and all other Collaborative or Strategic-level membership benefits.

Important Dates

August 17

Effective immediately, all current NCMS members can refer new companies to become Collaborative or Strategic-level members.  Applications by new organizations are due no later than August 17.

August 31

Between August 17 and August 31, NCMS will review all referred organizations’ applications. New members will be accepted and billed for 2019 on August 31.

September 28

New member dues for 2019 must be paid by September 28 to be included in the calculation of their referrers’ discounts.

October 3

Based on the number of organizations you referred that completed the previous steps, you will be notified of your 2019 discounts. Collaborative and Strategic-level members will have their discounts applied immediately to their 2019 member dues.

October 26

Following the announcement of referral discounts, Community-level Members will have the opportunity to upgrade to Collaborative-level membership to secure their membership discounts before October 26.

November 1

All returning members will be billed on November 1, with discounts, if applicable.

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