Common Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Problem: Repair, maintenance and systems integration testing is critical to the safety and operation of the Torpedo weapon system.  The ability to test to a weapon specification requirement is vital to weapons system capability and effectiveness.  Depot and Intermediate level testing places repaired and refurbished material in a Ready-for-Issue (RFI) state and provides integration testing at the system level to validate operational performance of the full-up weapon systems.

Today, Heavyweight and Lightweight Torpedo guidance and control, power, propulsion and detection systems are Depot level tested with 62 unique test sets.  Intermediate level testing requires an additional 20 unique pieces of test equipment.  The age and obsolescence issues further amplify the significant cost associated with maintaining 82 unique pieces of test equipment.  Current torpedo test equipment requires extensive software and hardware maintenance and calibration, requiring extensive engineering and logistics resources to maintain their certification and ability to place material in a RFI condition.

Benefit: Modernizing standard Automated Test Equipment (ATE) to accommodate multiple test programs and incorporate Commercial-Off-The-Shelf-Technology (COTS) will decrease the logistical footprint of test stations within the DoD Depot and Intermediate environments.  Program managers will experience significant cost reductions in overall maintenance, calibration and training, which in turn will increase station availability and improve efficiency resulting in greater throughput.

Impact: Next generation application of this technology can support the needs of the Undersea Warfare community and if applied to the torpedo enterprise could result in substantial annual recurring savings for test equipment support.

Government Participants:

  • NRNW Commander
  • NUWC Keyport

Industry Participants:

  • Lockheed Martin
  • Analysis, Integration & Design, Inc. (AIDI)

NCMS Project Manager: Jeff Walker (360) 782-1370

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